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Smoke House Building

| Deposits |
Private room availability will be guaranteed upon receipt of the deposit. The deposit will be applied
to the final bill. Deposits are refundable if notice of cancellation is received no later than 10 days
prior to the scheduled date of function. (14 days during December) Deposits for most functions are
set at a minimum of $200.

| Room Availability |
Private rooms are assigned according to the size of the party.

| Guaranteed Minimum |
The minimum is determined by the number of guests, date and time of your event. Menus
must be selected ten days in advance. A final guarantee of the number of guests is required
seven days in advance. If the minimum is not met before tax and service charge, a room
fee will be added to the subtotal to meet the minimum.

| Menu Selection |
We will try to accommodate any substitution for vegetarians and gluten free. All meat
selections will be prepared medium rare to medium. All food items must be supplied and
prepared by this establishment.

|Linen |
White table linens and napkins will be provided. Arrangements for personalized linen can be made.

| Alcohol Beverages |
Alcoholic beverages will not be served to anyone under the age of 21 or to anyone we believe is intoxicated. Alcoholic beverages will not be allowed to be brought into the restaurant by guests, with the exception of wine and champagne.
A corkage fee of $25 will be applied for every 750ml bottle or equivalent.

4420 W Lakeside Drive • Burbank • California 91505 • 818-845-3731 •

| Miscellaneous |
All decorations must be removed immediately following your event. Decorations left behind will be disposed of by this establishment. Decorations may only be attached by scotch tape otherwise guests may be held responsible for any damage. All entertainment or music must be kept to a minimum in order to not disturb other guests in the restaurant. Spencer Room and Fireside Room are equipped with a Bluetooth
Sound Bar for your own music preference (mobile or iPod device required).

| Desserts |
A dessert fee of $25 will be charged for any desserts brought in for your event.

| Screen & Projector |
Screen and projector are available for a fee of $50.


Pasta Primavera and Martini
Garlic Cheese Bread

| Payment |
Absolutely no separate checks and a total of up to two credit cards will be accepted for payment.

| Valet Parking |
Valet is a separate company. Hosted Valet arrangements can be made.

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